Procreate 5.1 và những tính năng mới

 Tập hợp các tính năng đáng giá trong bản đầu tiên của các phiên bản procreate 5.x

  • Pencil Filters: Từ giờ bạn không chỉ áp hiệu ứng vào layer hay vùng chọn, mà còn vào nét cọ nữa.. đi cọ tạo ra hiệu ứng theo từng nét
  • Gradient Map: đây là công cụ áp màu lên mảng trắng đen theo các mảng sáng tối (shadow - midtone - highlight)
  • Tất cả các Filter được làm mới hoàn toàn: (Bloom, Half Tone và Noise) bạn có thể tự tìm hiểu, nhưng sau khi áp hiệu ứng chỉ cần tap lên màn hình để mở menu
  • Reference Companion (Actions > Canvas > Reference): mở 1 cửa sổ phụ để người vẽ tham khảo trên canvas. 
    • Ảnh toàn cục: để người vẽ có thể thấy ảnh tổng thể trong khi phóng to ảnh vẽ chi tiết
    • photo: Ảnh từ app Photos
    • Ảnh từ webcam chụp lại

  • Private layer: Giữ layer không bị xuất ra phim trong chế độ animation
  • SwatchDrop: Có thể kéo swatch vào canvas để đổ màu mảng
  • Tạo Palletes từ photo: Trích bảng màu từ photo 
    • Chọn New from file
    • Chọn photo
    • Trong Pallette xuất hiện Pallette from photo


Tips - Gesture

command     ⌥ option, alt      ⇧ shift
 ⌃ ctrl      ⇥ tab      ↵ Enter

(bản gốc)

Procreate 5X is here, packed with precision and reimagined features. It is another huge leap forward for creative professionals.

  • Pencil Filters: Brush in image effects with your Apple Pencil. For the first time you can use any brush to paint in adjustments and effects exactly where you want them. Smudge your filter to create textured effects like you've never seen before. You can even erase or adjusi the amount in realtime.
  • Gradient Map: One of the your biggest requests is here! Add a new dimension of colour by mapping gradients across your value painting. Create your own custom gradients and insert as many knobs as you like, we won't judge.
  • All New Filters: Creating incredible effects and dramatic finishes is easier than ever with a host of new filters and adjustments. There are huge improvements to essential filters like Noise and Blur, and amazing new creative possibilities with Glitch, Chromatic Aberration and more.
  • Reference Companion: Always keep your composition in focus while you paint in the details. Import a reference image that will stay your side; ready to provide inspiration and colours.
  • FacePaint: Procreate on your face! See your FacePaint update live and even play your animations. It's not only for your fans, share your photos and videos with everybody.
  • Palette Capture & SwatchDrop: Capture the colours around you with your camera or photos in your library. Fill your artwork with colour by dropping swatches right onto your canvas. You can also import Adobe® ACO and ASE palette files. Why tho.
  • Transform: Make beautiful compositions with precise new ways to move and scale your artwork. Accurately align objects to your canvas and other layers with new Snapping. Use the new Bounding Box Adjust to scale and stretch from any orientation. Transform with 100% accuracy using numeric entry.
  • Selection Colour Fill:Accelerate your workflow by drawing selections that automatically fill with colour. Add or Remove with any selection tool to create sharp, vibrant shapes. Use Automatic selections to fill your artwork in all the right places.
  • Private Layer: Keep a layer private so your Time-lapse is free from sketches, notes, nudes and reference images.
  • Scribble: Scribble gives you a whole new way to add text to your artwork, without ever having to put down your Apple Pencil. Name layers, change settings, and pick colours but the best part is - your tool never needs to leave your hand.
  • QuickMenu Profiles: Finger your way to success with QuickMenu profiles. With just a flick of your button, you can swap to tailored QuickMenus for sketching, coloring or finishing.
  • Blur Brushes: Effortless blend colors with the new Blur settings in Brush Studio. Look out for Blend brushes in the Airbrushes set.

Procreate® 5X also has: Redesigned Copy and Paste Menu

  • Crop and Resize Snapping
  • Text Numeric Input
  • New Font Companion
  • iPadOS 14 Quick Launch Widget
  • FIEVC Time-lapse with alpha
  • Colour Profile fixes
  • Brush Studio performance improvements
  • Animated Transforms
  • New Text Selection appearance

We hope you have as much fun with Procreate 5X as we did making it. And we can't wait to get back to making whole new ways for you to create. Don't forget to show us your FacePaint selfies and videos with #ProcreateFaces!