ImagineFX số 189 – Tháng 8 năm 2020

Quyển thứ 189 trong bộ tạp chí số 1 về Vẽ Kỹ Thuật số ImagineFX năm 2020

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ImagineFX số 178 - Tháng 10 năm 2019

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News and events

Do you have what it takes

to teach yourself art?

The advantages of learning independently, and the challenges involved.

Artist in Residence: Emily Hare

Explore the studio of this UK illustrator.


Legend: Crash McCreery

This artist has designed creatures for some of the biggest films ever made.

Sketchbook: Halil Ural

Lighting, composition and figure design.





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Reimagine art in your own style

Dave Greco takes one artist’s ideas and paints something new with his own spin.

Paint a portrait in digital oils

Discover how Phil Galloway uses ArtRage to create a vibrant and painterly portrait.

Speed painting an environment

Dom Lay uses speed-painting techniques to develop a rich, narrative-driven scene.

Use colour to add atmosphere

Maria revealshowsheappliescolourina portrait, to enhance the mood.

Traditional Artist

Traditional FXPosé

Explore this month’s selection of the finest traditional art, sent in by you!

Workshop: The best ways to clean your paintbrushes

Rob Lunn reveals how to maintain your paintbrushes and extend their life span.

First Impressions: Sidharth Chaturvedi

The Indian-born, Germany-based artist on how one artist helped him change his style.


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